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Sardana Eye Institute, established in Delhi, is counted as one of the top-notch service providers for rendering best in class Eye Care Treatment Services. Known for rendering the highly effective Lasik Laser Treatment, Cataract Treatment, Retina Treatment & Keratoconus treatment, the Sardana Eye Institute is well-equipped with latest medical equipment. To ensure high effectiveness, the medical facilities at Sardana Eye Institute are upgraded at regular intervals of time. The doctors, surgeons & specialists at hold expertise in the treatment of various complicated eye related cases by using advanced LASIK laser surgical procedures at cost effective prices. The eye surgeons and doctors are provided with the regular training session, to upgrade them with the latest happening in this domain.

Supported by a team of extremely experienced eye surgeons, eye experts, eye specialists & other support staff, Sardana Eye Institute has been able to provide highly effective Keratoconus Treatment in Delhi. Keratoconus can be treated in its early stages by using glasses or soft contact lenses. At late or more complicated stages, Keratoconus can be treated through various surgical procedures. Some of the popular types of Keratoconus Treatment surgery are corneal collagen cross-linking with riboflavin, corneal ring implants & microwave Thermo keratoplasty. Due to high success rate, fast recovery & optimum effectiveness, the keratoconus treatment surgery conducted at Sardana Eye Institute is highly appreciated among the patients. Motivated to attain the maximum patient approval, the surgeons, doctors & specialists follow quality focused & patient-centric approach.

Lasik Laser Treatment
LASIK stands for laser in situ keratomileusis meaning the use of laser beneath a corneal flap(in situ) for reshaping the cornea(keratomileusis)...
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Cataract Treatment
Cataract occurs when the transparency of the lens of the eye starts declining due to certain metabolic changes in the lens of the eye causing vision loss..
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Retina Treatment
Our eyes are like a camera and the retina is like the screen where the image is formed. If the retina is damaged or diseased it results...
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PLANO LASIK(both eyes) - Rs. 28000/-
ZYOPTICS LASIK(both eyes) - Rs. 38000/-
TISSUE SAVING ZYOPTICS(both eyes) - Rs. 48000/-
BLADEFREE LASIK(both eyes) - Rs. 90000/-
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