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Sardana Eye Institute is the best hospital for LASIK Laser in Delhi & is run by the best eye surgeon in Delhi.

Keeping the tracks and updates of the latest development in the LASIK laser technology and pain-free blade free lasik across the globe, Sardana Eye Institute is exceedingly demanded in Delhi-NCR, for offering extremely effective LASIK Laser Eye Treatments and Blade Free Lasik in delhi. Valued and appreciated for its utmost effectiveness, timely execution, fast recovery, optimum success rate and cost effectiveness, the pain-free LASIK Laser in Delhi is operated under the supervision a team of extremely experienced eye specialists and best retina surgeon in delhi.
Used for the treatment of different eye-related problems like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, the LASIK Laser eye surgery is safe for the different age group of patients. Recovery is very fast and vision can be restored in a day or two at maximum in LASIK laser surgery performed at Sardana Eye Institute.

To ensure utmost effectiveness and optimum success rate, Sardana Eye Institute has appointed a panel of extremely skilled professionals. LASIK laser surgery consists of three steps. One of the utmost important steps in LASIK laser in delhi is the creation of flap at the center of the cornea. The flap can be created by using microkeratome or precision laser.
Based on the use of microkeratome or precision laser, the LASIK laser is valued as blade & blade-free LASIK laser eye treatment respectively. The second step of LASIK laser is laser reshaping, which is a modification of the curvature of the cornea by using laser shot procedures. The final step of LASIK surgery and Cataract surgery in Delhi is repositioning of the flap. Rendered by at the utmost competitive prices, the LASIK laser eye treatment and Keratoconus treatment is extremely demanded in Delhi-NCR.


Now it’s time to see the world not through glasses and contact lenses but with your eyes. There are billions of people across the globe who have already benefited from this total life changing most popular vision correction procedure in the world today. LASIK provides multiple benefits and gives better vision.While the surgery has 98% success result but its important to discuss all aspects of the surgery with your eye specialists and eye surgeons in Delhi.

Flap Creation

The first step is the creation of a flap of 90 – 130 micron thickness. The flap is then reflected and the exposed corneal stroma is called "THE BED".

Laser Reshaping

The second step is to modify the curvature of the cornea by laser shots – "ABLATION" on the bed according to the predetermined corneal profile made by computer suitable for the particular eye. The flap is then replaced on the bed to produce an un-interrupted surface.

Repositioning of the flap

After the highly specialized laser removes the corneal tissues and reshapes the cornea, the flap is carefully put back in place. The flap sticks to the bed quickly in two minutes and there is no need of any stitch or bandage.The cornea heals naturally.

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