Sardana Eye Institute offers the best Retina Treatment in Delhi and has team of best Retina Surgeon in Delhi to offer you the best eye care services

Valued, applauded, respected and appreciated as a noteworthy eye care institute in Delhi NCR, the Sardana Eye Institute is known for rendering the highly effective treatment of various eye related problems. Supported by a panel of the best Retina Surgeon in Delhi, the Sardana Eye Institute has been able to offer its patients with highly effective treatment of various retina related eye problems. Some of the common retina related problems are Macular degeneration, Diabetic Eye Disease, Floaters, Macular Whole, Macular Pucker, Retinoblastoma and Retinal detachment. At Sardana Eye Institute, the Retina Surgeon in Delhi attends different seminars at regular intervals of time, for upgrading them with latest happening in the field of retina surgery in the world.
Leveraging by the vast experience of this domain, the Sardana Eye Institute has been able to offer its patients with the highly effective Lasik Laser in Delhi for a treatment of various eye related problems. Blade Free Lasik in Delhi operated by some of the best surgeons at the Sardana Eye Institute is appreciated for high effectiveness, fast recovery and is free from pain or blade.
The removal of the natural lens of the eye of the patients at the Sardana Eye Institute and implanting specialized lens for the purpose of treatment of cataract under the supervision of qualified doctors are known for its systematic execution. At Sardana Eye Institute, the Cataract Surgery in Delhi is known for its high success rate. By providing high effective Keratoconus Treatment in Delhi, the Sardana Eye Institute has attained a remarkable growth in this domain in such short period of time.

Knowing about Retina & Vitreous

Retina is the neurosensory layer of the human eye where the image is formed and is transferred to the brain by the nerves.It is located in the posterior part of the eye forming a vital part of the eye and vision.The retina has layered structure with various layers of neurons intermeshed with synapses.The neurons sensitive to light called photoreceptor cells (rods and cones), capture the light rays that enter the eye. These signals are sent to the brain through the optic nerve for processing. The macula is an oval shaped yellow spot in the retina of the eye responsible for vision acuity.
The vitreous is a clear, gelly substance that fills the center of the eye. It accounts for about two - thirds of the eye's volume, giving it shape before birth.

At  Sardana eye institute, our dedicated retina surgeon in Delhi, are dedicated to provide the best medical, surgical, and laser care of the retina and vitreous possible in a "user-friendly" atmosphere conducive to innovation, research, and cutting-edge technological advances. Honor, integrity, ethics, and trust are the keystones of our practice. Experience, compassion, innovation and accessibility are our cornerstones. Sardana eye institute also treats a number of other vitreo - retinal disorders. Our services include diabetic retinopathy treatment in Delhi, retina surgery in Delhi, retinal detachment treatment in Delhi, retinal vein occlusion treatment in Delhi, retina replacement surgery in Delhi, macular hole treatment in Delhi and various other retinal problems.

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