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As a noteworthy entity in this domain, Sardana Eye Institute provides its patients with the best quality of I Lasik Eye Treatment Surgery. By combining two of the worlds’ best Lasik laser surgeries, I Lasik Eye Treatment Surgery conducted at experienced hands of world-class eye surgeons and eye specialists of Sardana Eye Institute are known for providing 100% customized eye treatment solutions to the patients. Approved by NASA, this 100% blade-free I Lasik eye treatment surgery can correct a wide range of eye imperfections. Being the top notch Blade Free Lasik in Delhi, the offered eye correction surgery rendered by Sardana Eye Institute is incredibly safe and free of any kind of pain. Under the supervision of skilled doctors, the I Lasik surgery only take few seconds for the purpose of correction of each eye.

Owing to its safety and effectiveness, the I Lasik surgery conducted at Sardana Eye Institute is suitable for almost everyone who has eye-related problems. Like Lasik surgery, the I Lasik surgery consists of three steps of operations. The first step is creation of unique eye profile using three- dimensional software. The second steps are creation of flap by using high beamed laser called an IntraLase. The third step of I Lasik Eye Treatment Surgery is custom laser vision correction of various eye-related problems. Being a quality focused organization; Sardana Eye Institute ensures that the quality of I Lasik eye treatment surgery is maintained as per the international quality standards.

Blade-free LASIK surgery - Who are suitable candidates:

Known for its effectiveness and safety, the blade-free Lasik eye surgery makes use of the precision laser for the purpose of creating the flap. Once the flap is created, the second step in Lasik laser eye surgery is effective modifications of the curvature of the cornea by using laser shots in compliance with the profile created by the computer for a suitable eye. The flap is replaced to produce an uninterrupted cornea surface. The last step is repositioning of the flap after highly specialized laser removes the corneal tissues.

The patients above twenty-one age are suitable for the purpose of undergoing blade-free Lasik laser surgery. People who are dissatisfied with wearing lens or glasses are ideal for vision correction procedures through Blade-Free Lasik laser eye surgery. If the prescription of the patients has not changed for above years, it is safe for him to undergo Blade-Free Lasik eye surgery for removal of lens/glasses. The patients should be all ready to accept small risks or complications, associated with blade-free Lasik laser surgery. After the surgery, the patients need to understand that they occasionally need the glasses or lens. Another prevention needed is that the patient should not have the thin layer of the cornea. Certain prevention should be taken if the patient is suffering from following complications.

  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Immune deficiencies
  • Keratoconus or Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
  • Herpes Simplex or Zoster eye infections
  • Glaucoma, Fuchs Dystrophy
  • Dry Eyes
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